Important Milestones in the History of Jaffna Hindu College


Jaffna Hindu College was founded under the name of , “The Native Town High School” by the late Williams Nevins Muthukumaru Sithamparapillai.


The Management of this high school was transferred to the late S. Nagalingam who located it at Vananarponnai .


The Institution was placed under the control of Jaffna Saiva Paripalana Sabha. The president of this Sabhai the late T.Chellapahpillai,B.A. B.L., retired Chief Justice of Travancore , moved the school to a temporary building ( a Pandal) on the present site and reorganised it under the name of ,”The Hindu High School” (3rd October). There were 80 pupils on roll to begin with (23rd october) and S Appapillai was appointed as the Head Master.


Foundations were lied for a permanent structure ( 4th May) .The First prize day was held on the 20th of August with the late T Chellappapillai B.A., B.L. , as the chief guest.


The late Nevins Selvadurai was Appointed as the Head Master ( 18th Febuary).


The School was recognized by the university of Calcutta and boys were taught up to the Entrance Standard.


The “Main Block” was declared open by the late Mudaliyar P. Cumaraswamy. In September the institution was affliated by the University of Calcutta as a College teaching up to First-in-Arts standard, under its present designation , “Hindu College Jaffan”. The College was registerd as a Grant-in-Aid institution by the Department of Public instruction ,Ceylon.


Swami Vivekananda visited the college and addressed a public meeting (January 24th ). Following the death of thee founder and first manage, S Nagalingam , V Casipillai was appointed as Manager.


The College was incorporated by an Ordinance Passed by the Ceylon Legislative Council and the Jaffna Hindu College Board of Director took over the management . First donation of immovable property was made to the Paupathy Chettier Proze Fund.


The College was affiliated to the University of Madras.


The Jaffna Hindu College Old Boy’s Association was inaugurated (January 9th).


Death of S TM Pasupathy Chettiar , a co-founder of the College (March 9th).


The Late Dr. Ananda K Cumaraswamy visited the school. The Gnanasegaram Hall was completed and declared open by the Governor, H.E. Sir Henry Mac Callum.


N. Selvadurai, B.A. resigned and assumed duties as head Master of Trinity College , Kandy.


G. Shiva Rao , B.A., L.T. (Madras)appointed as Principal. The Colombo Branch of the O.B.A was inaugurated (January 18th) . The Boarding was opened on may 30th with S. Veeraswamipillai as its first warden. College Magazine –a quarterly appeared.


The first number of the college Magazine appeared in March


G. Shiva Rao vacated office to become Principal of Manipay Hindu College. His Cousin , Benegal Sanjica Rao,M.A (Cantab) B.Sc (Lond) assumed duties as principal.


Nevins Servadurai B.A (Madras) was re.appointed as a Principal. The Honorable Sabapathy succeeded V. Casipillai as Manager.


London Matriculation classes were started . Governor H.E. Sir Robed Chalmers visited the College (3rd March) .Jaffna Hindu College celebrated her Silver Jublie.


Cricket and Football teams won the Gold Cup and the Championships.


Governor , H.E. Sir William Manning visited the College (17th January). B Sanjiva Rao , a former Principal visited the college in April.


A branch in of the OBA was formed at Kuala Lumpur , Malaya ( 25th April) by the Head Master, M Sabaratnasinghe.


Mr. (late Sir) Waithilingam Duriswamy succeeded A. Sabapathy as Manager.


Nevis Selvadurai retired after thirty years of service as Principal .Mr. W.A Troupe ,M.A (Aberdeen ) took over a principal .Classes for the London University Intermediate Examinations were inaugurated . Foundations were laid for the Hostel Block , Governor Sir H.E .Hugh Clifford visited the College ( 9th June).


Mr. W.A Troupe vacated the office of Principal .M Sabaratasinghe was appointed acting Principal . Mahatma Ganhi visited the College (November 27th.) Governor H.E Sir Herbert Stanley visited the College ( 12th December)


Mr. V.R Venkatrahman M.A (Madras) was appointed as Principal.


The Hostel Block was declared open by the Governor H.E. Sir Herbert Stanley (12th July).


Junior Lyceum was inaugurated.


The Y.M.H.A was revived.


A Cumaraswamy M.A ., Dip-in-Ed., Bar-at-law , was appointed as a Acting principal . A. Ambalavanan was appointd as Manager. The House system was introduced. “The Hindu “ made its first appearance.


A Cumaraswamy was confirmed as Principal . Scouting was revived . Geography laboratory was equipped ans a history Library was organized.


Co-education was introduced. Mr. (late Sir ) W.Duraisamy was re-appointed as a manager.

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